First, I want to start by saying, Happy Publication Day, Orquídea Divina! Today is publication day for this fantastic fantasy novel. I was able to get an early release copy in August through Book of The Month as I made it my pick for the month. And I loved it!

Overall rating: 5/5

Genre: Fantasy

Page count: 336

Published: September 7, 2021

Synopsis: The Montoyas grew up in a peculiar home, and they knew better than to ask questions, especially questions concerning the matriarch of the family, Orquídea Divina, who never leaves their home in Four River, ever! But when Orquídea Divina invites them to her funeral to collect their inheritance, the Montoya’s hope to learn the secrets that she has held on to all her life. However, when they arrive on at Four Rivers to collect their inheritance, they are left with more questions than before that only by uncovering Orquídea’s past will they find answers to.

Overall Thoughts:

I loved this story. Beautiful magical realism, interesting characters, strong female lead, magical, mysterious, and secretive; all the ingredients for the perfect whimsical fantasy thriller. I loved the characters. They reminded me a lot of my own loud Latino family dynamic, lol (we all have an tio/tia Enrique). I love the bond Marimar had with her cousins, the pace of the story was perfect, and I loved the non-linear timeline, how every other chapter went back in time, and the readers get to know Orquídea better, slowly connecting the pieces and secrets of Orquídeas life. I love theorizing as I read and get new insights into the characters, so non-linear timelines are my jam. I also loved reading the way the author described her home of Ecuador in the book and how she had her characters return to their roots (Ecuador) to understand their grandmother better and understand themselves. I truly enjoyed this read. As story of loss, love, magic, and family.The story sucked me in, and kept me turning page after page with desperate curiosity and excitement. And finally, the writing was beautiful, and magical. This book was 5/5 stars for me.

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